Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Perfect Life

By Selma Cook.

Do you ever think of the perfect life
No problems, toil, or sacrifice?

Do you ever think how you would feel
To not think about your next meal?

Don't you ever wish you'd know
How to build yourself - how to grow?

To be strong in body, soul, and mind
To take the truth - know where to find

With goodness shining from your eyes
That know no tears - never say goodbyes

Being with people you love the most
Brought together from coast to coast

No hunger, sighs, or cries of pain
No mockery, hurt, or seeking gain

Just peace! A quiet stirring of the soul
All-live in love -each knows his role

A place where the final goal's been won
Where trouble's gone and justice's done

Look around now and you'll not see
For the life I'm talking about's not free

Now's the time to work and live
To toil, to sacrifice, and to give

To work much harder than we play
To grow a bit more every day

For life that's wasted is sure to fall
Far from the life sought by all

It lies beyond our wildest dreams
It is the end - with no more means

So wait and I will wait with you
And one day all will know it's true

It's promised in the Holy Book
If you'll just care to take a look

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