Saturday, February 11, 2006

Denmark Asks Malaysia to Help Contain Caricatures Furore

According to Bernama : Denmark has asked Malaysia to help restrain worldwide Muslim rage directed chiefly at the European nation whose media first published the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, which were later reprinted by media in several other countries.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said he received a telephone call from his Danish counterpart Per Stig Moller on Friday 10, 2006 seeking Malaysia's cooperation to contain the situation from growing out of control and creating a rift between the West and Islam.

"He asked for Malaysia's cooperation to explain the situation and their respect for Islam, that they had no intention to hurt the feelings of Muslims," he told reporters Saturday Feb 11, 2006.

He said Denmark stressed that its government did not share the views on Islam promoted by the country's media. "Stig Moller said the Danish government had said that they are sorry. They do not share the views of their media but the media acted in that way and it is something they have no control over," he said.

Syed Hamid said his Danish counterpart asked Malaysia to explain to Muslims that Denmark's government did not subscribe to or support the Danish media's views, and they would not do anything to disparage relations with the Muslim world.

Meanwhile, Iran has contacted Malaysia, which is the current chair of the Organisation of Islamic Conference [OIC], to call for an emergency meeting of OIC foreign ministers to discuss the caricatures issue.

Syed Hamid said Malaysia would support such a meeting. Malaysia realized the meeting would be important to obtain feedback on follow-up actions that Muslim countries should take in dealing with the issue.

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