Monday, February 20, 2006

Moorthy’s Mother Visits Grave.

According to NST: The mother of the late Sergeant M. Moorthy alias Muhammad Abdullah visited his grave at the Taman Ibu Kota Muslim cemetery in Setapak for the first time on Monday Feb 20, 2006.

R. Saraswathi, 62, was accompanied by her daughter Tenmuli, 47, son Sanggarlingam, 26, and niece S. Meenambal, 20. They scattered flower petals and sprinkled rose water on the grave, and expressed relief on finally seeing the resting place of the Everest climber, almost two months after the burial.

"I feel sad, but there is nothing else to be done. Since he was a Muslim, then this is where he should be buried," said Saraswathi, adding that she only wished Moorthy had informed the family about his conversion.

"My other son is also a Muslim. Years ago, he told us about his wish to marry a Muslim girl and conversion. In fact, I was the one who made the wedding preparations.

"However, when Moorthy died, none of his family knew about his conversion."

She hoped that those who had converted would inform their families.

Sanggarlingam said that the family had come to terms with the situation. "For us, it is no longer an issue. We accept what has happened. Now we are happy that we can come here to visit his grave at least once a month."

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