Friday, February 17, 2006

The Excellence Of Friday.

Abu Hurairah reported the Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessings of Allah are upon him, as saying:

‘The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday; on it Adam was created, on it he was made to enter Paradise, on it he was expelled from it. And the Last Hour will take place on no day other than Friday.’

The Holy Prophet also said on Friday:

‘We who are the last shall be the first on the Day of resurrection, except that every Ummah (nation) was given the Book before us and we where given it after them. It was this day (Friday) which Allah prescribed for us and guided us to it and the people came after us with regard to it, the Jews observing the next day and the Christians they day following that.’

The Prophet also was reported as saying:

‘There is no time on Friday at which no Muslim would stand, pray and beg Allah for what is good but He would give it to him’ and he pointed with his hand that (this time) is short and narrow.

There is a good deal of difference of opinion among the scholars as to what exactly is that fortunate hour on Friday when the supplication would be granted. The best course is that this hour should be treated as hidden, and the whole day should be spent in supplication and glorification of Allah.

It was the Holy Prophet’s practice to attach special significance and honour to Friday. Examples of this behaviour are numerous, however, the following could be cited:

On that day, he recommenced reciting Surah as-Sajdah [in fajr] and al-Insaan because it is inclusive of all affairs relevant to Friday; taking a bath, using perfume and miswak, going to Friday’s congregational prayer early, listening to the sermon, wearing one’s best clothes and remembering Allah all the time.

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Annie said...

I too wondered what God meant when he said that those that are first will be last and those that last will first. I believe he was speaking of the world order. In the world order, throughout history, women and children have always been last - men first.