Saturday, February 11, 2006

Coalitions of the Misled Freedom of Speech Practitioners

Abusing against Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is not a new phenomenon. It happened even during his lifetime, by his adversaries, albeit both men and women. Prophet Muhammad did not call for retaliations but merely ignored and forgave.
Such abuse will continue to happen so long, there are coalitions of the misled practitioners exist.

Muslim ummah should hold their composure and subscribe to Prophet's Sunnah or traditions, rather than falling into the trap of some misled Western practitioner’s freedom of speech.

One of the Prophet traditions gives a beautiful instance of this:
One day, a Prophet’s neighbor in Madinah who habitually deposited excrement on his doorstep stopped doing it, so he was wondering and knocked on his door to ask if he was unwell. The defecator asked: "How did you know?" The Prophet said: “Because you have stopped putting excrement on my doorstep, I have just come to see if I can be of help”.

The defecator was impressed with the manner of Prophet Muhammad converts to Islam
Prophet Muhammad said:

"Do no evil to those who do evil to you, but you deal with them with forgiveness, kindness."

Allah says in Qur'an:

"Bring them to the way of your Lord with diplomacy, and good words..."

A Denmark newspaper Jyllands-Posten has chosen to offend and provoked the Muslims by printing cartoons that insult Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Many European newspapers are now coming out to reproduce those cartoons, apparently to make a point about freedom.
There must be freedom of the Press and expression with responsibility.
They all aware that Muslims love the Prophet more than they love anyone else. They are pretending to be ignorant. So let them.There are far greater number of reasonable and sensible people around.

Understandably, Muslims all over the world have come out in protest, some peacefully, some wildly, because the bulk of the Muslim population are simple, God-fearing folk who think more with their hearts than their heads. It is time for Muslims to stop pandering to them. Just ignore them; soon they will realise the pointlessness of their act and sulk.

The Muslims need to think positive. Islam is now the most high-profile religion in the world, so there must be something positive in that. In the West many have come to Islam, in the US Islam is the fastest growing religion, especially among the Hispanics.

If Muslims continue to do good and avoid whatever is extreme they will not suffer losses from that; if they continue to live by the provisions of their religion and continue to spread the message of truth, they shall prevail. The
Qur’an has cited numerous stories of such misled practitioners were perished and vanished.


Lewis Perdue said...

Google-Owned Blog Is Censoring Posts About Cartoon Depictions of the Prophet

One of my favorite cartoonists, Darrin Bell, (") is having the same censorship problems with the Google-owned Blogspot, as General Braxton (see my previous post on this at

When he tries to have the cartoons visible on his blog, he finds that the Google/Blogspot system reduces them to a postage-stamp-sized image that makes them too small to see.

Bell had to post the cartoons on a separate server (his own) in order to have them appear the correct size.

Go here to see what I mean:

This is a disgraceful situation and shows just how fragile the so-called freedom of expression is in the blogosphere.

More about the censorship here: here:

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There must be freedom of the Press and expression with responsibility