Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mistakes whilst staying the Night at Mina

By IOL Syari'ah Researchers.

Some Common mistake done whilst staying at Mina

1. Ceasing to recitind Talbiyah loudly contradicts the Prophetic Sunnah. A pilgrim is to continue reciting Talbiyah in a loud voice until he throws the pebbles of Al-'Aqabah on the Day of the Nahr (slaughtering of sacrificial animals).

2. Not spending the night preceding the Day of 'Arafah at Mina contradicts the Sunnah. However, it is not obligatory to stay there.

3. Combining Prayers at Mina is also against the Prophet’s Sunnah, as he SAW used to shorten the Prayers at Mina without combining them.

4. It is an obligation for a pilgrim to stay at Mina at the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth days of Dzul-Hijjah, unless there is a legal excuse for him not to stay there.

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