Monday, November 26, 2007

Common Mistakes in Muzdalifah

IOL Syari’ah Researchers

There were many errors of rituals done by certain quarters of the Hujjaj which do not conform to the Sunnah and rules of Hajj and it should be avoided.

The common mistakes in Muzdalifah:

1. Moving hurriedly at the time of leaving ‘Arafah for Muzdalifah.

2. Bathing to spend the night at Muzdalifah.

3. Regarding it to be desirable for one riding to get down and enter Muzdalifah on foot out of respect for the Sacred Area (Haram).

4. Specifying special Do’a for Muzdalifah and repeating such as saying upon reaching Muzdalifah saying: “O Allah this is Muzdalifah, many languages have come together here...”

5. Leaving off after praying Maghrib prayer as soon as Muzdalifah is reached and instead looking for small stones.

6. Praying the sunnah Prayers of Maghrib between the two prayers or combining them with the sunnah Prayers of `Isya’ and after the two Fardhu (obligatory) Prayers

7. To stay awake at night.

8. Stopping at Muzdalifah without spending the night there.

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