Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mistakes made on Entering Masjidil Haram

By IOL Syari’ah Researchers

Errors made when entering the Sacred Mosque, the Masjidil Haram.

1. Thinking that entering the Sacred Mosque is confined to a specific door is a common mistake, because it is permissible to enter there through any of its doors.

2. Reiterating special supplications upon entering the Sacred Mosque is a matter of heresy, because it is not mentioned in the Prophetic Sunnah that there are certain supplication on that occasion other than those which are usually said on entering the mosque.

3. The pilgrim neglects to perform the tahiyatul masjid prayer of two Raka’ahs, on entering the Sacred Mosque. It is a mistake to neglect it, more so of the merits of the Sacred Mosque. The Prophet SAW insisted that one performs Tahiyatul Masjid upon entering any mosque. All mosques are to be greeted with two Raka’at tahiyatul masjid. It is only when one intends to perform Tawaf around the Ka’abah, one is exempted from the tahiyatul masjid, because the Tawaf around Ka’abah itself is considered sufficient.

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