Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mistakes at Sacrifice and Shaving the Head

By IOL Syari`ah Researchers

Common mistakes whilst Sacrifice and Shaving the Head

1. Giving charity to the value of the obligatory hady instead of slaughtering an animal, claiming that most of animals’ meat goes to waste.

2. Offering the obligatory sacrifice in Makkah before the Day of 'Eid.

3. The barbers starting with the left side instead of the right of the head when shaving.

4. Shaving a quarter of the head only.

5. Specifying certain do’a while the head is shaved, such as: “Alhamdu lillahi 'ala ma hadana.”

6. Conduct Tawaf around the mosques near the Pillars in place of 'Eid Prayer in Mina.

7. Some women expose their hair before non-mahram men or cut more than few centimeters from their hair.

8. Slaughtering the sacrificial animal before the due time.

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