Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Common mistakes of Tawaf Al-Wada`

By IOL Syari'ah Researchers

Common mistakes at the Tawaf Al-Wada'

Adding to the common mistakes we have mentioned before about circumambulating the Ka’abah, we’d like to draw people’s attention to some other mistakes that are committed in Farewell Circumambulation (Tawaf) around the Ka’abah:

1. Some pilgrims leave Mina on the Day of Nafr (12th or 13th of Dzul-Hijjah) to perform Tawaf Al-Wada` or Farewell Tawaf around the Ka’abah and then return back to Mina to throw the pebbles (part of Hajj rituals) and then go back home there from. Hence stoning would be the last thing pilgrims do before departing the Sacred Land, not Tawaf. So Farewell Tawaf should be the last Hajj ritual to be performed by pilgrims before leaving.

2. Some pilgrims get out of the Sacred Mosque with their faces turned towards the Ka’abah, thinking that doing so they are glorifying it. Yet this is a sheer innovative act in Islam.

3. After concluding the Farewell Tawaf, some pilgrims turn towards the Ka’abah while getting out of the doors of the Sacred Mosque reciting some prayers as if bidding farewell to it. Yet this is a baseless act in Islam.

4. Some pilgrims neglect performing Farewell Tawaf just out of laziness. However, if a woman was in her menstrual or postnatal period, and had performed Tawaf Al-Ifadah, then she is exempted from performing Farewell Tawaf.

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