Friday, November 30, 2007

Mistakes after the Concluding the Hajj

By IOL Syari’ah Researchers

The common error that occurred after the concluding of the Hajj.

1. Putting on pilgrimage attire while returning home contradicts the Sunnah, because it is something intricate for people and it is a kind of showing off.

2. It also an act of innovation what some pilgrims do by insisting that people at home should receive the pilgrims with pomp and ceremonies not in line with Islam.

3. After performing the Hajj, some pilgrims insist that people should call them Hajji (Pilgrims).

4. To act in bad manners and indulge in sins and neglect devotional acts of worship after Hajj. This, in fact, is a sign of unacceptable Hajj.

5. To swear by the Prophet SAW after visiting his tomb, such as saying: “By the Prophet, whose tomb I have touched with my hand”, because if one swears one is to swear by Allah or better keep silent.

6. Some people wrongly think that they could commit sins as much as they like, so long as they perform Hajj, with the belief that doing so will expiate all their previous sins.

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