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Mistakes at the Jamarat-Throwing the Pebbles

By IOL Syari'ah Researchers

Common mistake at the Jamarat,Throwing the Pebbles.

1. Bathing in order to perform the throwing of the pebbles.

2. Washing the stones or pebbles before the throwing act.

3. Saying "Subhanallah" or any other dzikir in place of Takbir.

3. Adhering to a particular way of throwing the pebbles: like the saying of some people: One should put the end of his right thumb upon the center of his forefinger and he should place the stone upon the back of his thumb as if he was making the number 70 with his fingers - then he should throw it. And others say: He should make a circle with his forefinger upon the joint of his thumb as if he were making the number 10.

4. Specifying the distance between the person and the place where the stones are thrown, i.e. to be more than five cubits.

5. Using slippers, woods and big stones to throw them towards the position of Satan.

6. Showering insults and filthy expressions upon Satan.

7. Throwing the stones towards any column other than the specific one, for fear of overcrowding.
8. Throwing all the stones at one time.

9. Taking the matter of throwing stones slightly, without understanding its real significance.

10. Lack of caution while one throws the pebbles, for this may cause harm to other pilgrims.

11. Throwing the stones from a very long distance, so that the stones may fall outside the basin. But if the stones fall inside the basin and then come out, it will be accepted.

12. Keenness on throwing the stones towards the column standing in the middle of the basin, although it is just a mark for the place where stones are to be thrown.

14. Throwing either less or more than seven stones on purpose is impermissible unless one doubts the number.

15. Some pilgrims think that they throw stones at Satan himself.

16. Not celebrating the day where the pilgrims throw the stones by remembering Almighty Allah and doing good deeds, such as paying charity, spreading peace among people, meeting others with a cheerful face and making them happy is something bad, because that day is `Eid Al-Adha.

17. Neglecting supplication after throwing the smaller stone (Al-Jamrah As-Sughra) and the medium stone (Al-Jamrah Al-Wusta) contradicts Sunnah and makes one miss great rewards.

18. Asking another to throw the stones on behalf of one though ones is capable to do it oneself. Appointing someone to do something on behalf of another is originally permissible when one has some legal excuse, such as illness and so on.

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