Thursday, March 2, 2006

Thaksin Leads TRT Candidates For Registration.

Thailand Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Thursday March 2 led his Thai Rak Thai [TRT} party-list candidates to register for the forthcoming snap election set on April 2 amid a crowd of his supporters.

Overwhelmed by thousands of his supporters who presented roses and garlands to him, Thaksin walked into the Nimitbutr Building of the National Stadium, where the registration is held for political parties sending candidates to run for the snap election.

The Election Commission of Thailand [EC] organizes the registration from March 2-4.

Joining the TRT Party in registering for the special general election following the dissolution of the House of Representatives on Feb. 24 are four minor parties, including the Prachakorn Thai, the Kasetkorn Thai, the Phandinthai and the Palang Prachachon Parties.

Thaksin raised his hand with a victory symbol, to the hailing crowd of his supporters.

He vowed to continue to work for the nation if the public still want him.

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