Monday, March 20, 2006

Gale Creates Havoc In My Hometown.

Recently the gale swept Shah Alam and Subang Jaya.
Now, we are witnessing another hit and indeed a sign from the Almighty God. Believed it or not, but I do. These are the areas in my hometown where the people dogmaticly subscribe to politics rather than fear God [Allah s.w.t]. They are Muslims yet they distance from each other. Those kampong not supporting UMNO were not given a tar road.Their condition like pre-independece. And now let see how people in power read this sign.

A gale swept through five villages near here on Saturday, destroying or damaging up to 50 houses and uprooting several trees in its path.

The affected houses in Hutan Kampung, Kampung Bohor, Kampung Hutan Kandeh, Lepai and Pulau Binjal had their roofs blown off and walls torn off or damaged during the five-minute gale, which began at 6.10 pm.

A PAS centre in Hutang Kampung was also destroyed in the incident.

Bukit Lada State Assemblyman Ariffin Man visited Hutan Kampung last night to assess the damage and destruction, and said many houses and trees along the road from Hutan Kampung to Kampung Bohor and from Kampung Bohor to Kampung Hutan Kandeh were affected.

Ariffin said preliminary aid would be channeled to the victims before a census was undertaken by the village development and security committees for the welfare department to provide assistance. He advised the victims to lodge police reports and appealed to philanthropists and corporate figures to provide financial aid.

Kedah Health, Welfare and Unity Committee Chairman Datuk V. Saravanan said he had instructed the welfare department to conduct a census to facilitate provision of aid. [Via Bernama]

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