Friday, March 10, 2006

Close Watch On Nightspots.

Selangor Government has issued a stern warning to all operators of nightspots in the state following a recent revelation that such operators were selling alcoholic drinks to underaged patrons in their premises.

Selangor state executive councillor in charge of Youth Affairs Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil said he would be personally involved in the state’s war against the unscrupulous operators. It was very disheartening that youths including schoolchildren were being lured into unhealthy activities.

He said the operators were only interested in raking in profits at the expense of the youths including underaged teenagers. “We are hearing of a lot of things happening in these premises, including drugs activities. “We do not want these places to be slowly turned into another kind of entertainment spots where the youngsters can be easily lured into negative activities

For a start, Rahman called on all the local authorities in the state to carefully review the licensing conditions of cyber cafés and nightspots. “The authorities must ensure that the operators strictly follow the licensing regulations and they should be ready to wield the axe if the conditions are not met,” he said

Rahman, who is also chairman of the state religious and unity committees, said he would be leading enforcement officials on spot checks to various cyber centres in the state.

He said they had been closely watching several such centres but others would be also put under scrutiny from now on. “Spot checks are conducted to check various aspects such as the floor layouts, duration of operation, the type of facilities and services at the centres. “Those found flouting the rules will be punished and face the possibility of closure,” he added
. [The Star]

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