Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Islamic Satellite Television Channel Launched.

Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed Talal officially launched on Monday March 6 an Islamic satellite television channel that aims to project Islam as a religion of moderation and tolerance. Al-Resalah [The Message] Channel had begun broadcasting informally since last Wednesday March 1.

Prince Alwaleed said that the 24-hour satellite television channel would initially target an Arab audience, especially the youth, and serve as a forerunner of an English-language Islamic channel to be launched later.

The channel's priority to present the true message and teachings of Islam and to provide a platform for dialogue on a range of religious, social and economic issues that affect everyday life.

Forty per cent of the programmes would be youth oriented, 30 per cent would target women and families, and 10 per cent would focus on children.

The main objective was to unify the Islamic community, counter the negative perceptions of Islam and wean the youth away from the path of extremism. -- [BERNAMA]

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