Saturday, December 9, 2006

Muslim Burial for Russian Spy

The Former Russian Spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died of radioactive poisoning two weeks ago, was buried in Highgate Muslim Cemetery, Thursday 7 December 2006 after a funeral prayer at the London Mosque.

Litvinenko’s father and Akhmed Zakayev, the representative of Britain’s Chechnya separatist rebels who lives in exile in England, also joined the funeral.
The funeral was held under tight security control.
About 50 mourners saw Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko buried amid claims a contact of his was now in a coma.
His wife, son and parents attended North London's Highgate Cemetery, where an imam said an "unscheduled" prayer.
The former KGB agent's death on 23 November, in London, has been linked to the radioactive isotope polonium-210.
Meanwhile, Russia is investigating the attempted murder of Mr Litvinenko 's contact Dmitry Kovtun. A lawyer known to the ex-spy said he was not very ill.
Mr Litvinenko's coffin, a dark-stained Jacobean oak Garratt casket, was supposed to be laid to rest in a strictly non-denominational ceremony.
But after Mr Litvinenko's father Walter had spoken at his graveside - watched by Mr Litvinenko 's wife Marina and the couple's son Anatoly - an Islamic associate of his Chechen friend Ahmed Zakayev interrupted and performed a Muslim prayer.
Earlier, mourners, including Mr Litvinenko's father had joined Muslims for midday prayers at the Central London mosque in Regent's Park, where a funeral reading was given.
Zakayev said Litvinenko converted to Islam before his death though another associate said he was unaware of any conversion


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