Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Activities Of The People Of Paradise

Umm Nurah

“Verily, the companions of the Garden are in occupation they enjoy. They and their spouses will be in cool shade, reclining on thrones.” (Surah Yasin, 36:55-56).

“Then those who have believed and worked righteous deeds will be in a garden (of happiness), honored.” (Surah Ar-Rum, 30:15)

“(They will be) facing each other on thrones. Passed around to them will be a cup from a clear, flowing fountain, crystal, white, of a taste so delicious to those who drink from it. It is free from headiness, and they will not suffer intoxication from it. Beside them will be chaste women, restraining their glances, with big eyes of wonder and beauty, as if they were delicate eggs, closely guarded.” (Surah As-Safaat, 37:44-49)

“But on this day the believers will laugh at the unbelievers. On thrones they will command a sight of all things. Are the unbelievers not rewarded (finally) for what they used to do?” (Surah Al- Mutaffifin, 83:34-36)

“They will say, ‘Praise is to Allah, who has truly fulfilled His promise to us and has made us inherit the earth. We can dwell in the garden where we will. How excellent a reward for those who work (righteousness)!” (Surah Az-Zumar, 39:74)

“They will advance to each other, engaging in mutual enquiry. They will say, ‘We used to be fearful of Allah and His punishment among our people. But Allah has been good to us and has delivered us from the penalty of the scorching wind. Truly, we used to call upon Him before. Truly, it is He who is the Beneficent, the Merciful.” (Surah At-Tur 52:25-28).

Abu Hurairah RA reported that the Prophet SAW aid: “The (members of the) first group that will be admitted to Paradise will have their faces as bright as a full moon during the night. They will neither spit nor suffer anything. They will have their utensils and their combs made of gold and silver, and the fuel of their braziers will be aloes, and their sweat will be musk and everyone of them will have two spouses (so beautiful) that the marrow of their shanks will be visible through the flesh. There will be no dissension among them and no enmity in their hearts. Their hearts will be like one heart, glorifying Allah morning and evening.” (Muslim)


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