Sunday, August 27, 2006

PM Unhappy Over Imbalance In Penang's Development.

KEPALA BATAS, Aug 26 [Bernama] -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today criticised the imbalance in the development of Penang, particularly on the island which is concentrated on certain areas only although Penang is renowned as a "Silicon Island" in the world.

The Prime Minister said several areas on the island were still lagging behind and left out of the mainstream of development, especially areas with Malay majority such as Balik Pulau compared to Georgetown and the northern parts of the island which had long been developed.

He said the state government must give consideration to these areas so that they did not remain undeveloped and neglected like "one's backyard".

"We don't want any area on the island to be `alienated' and undeveloped. Don't let it happen. We don't want these areas to appear like a backyard which is not developed and unhealthy...this can't be allowed to continue." he said.

Sri Kandeh says:

This is what I meant by “bold actions” though not really bold as yet. The Gerakan Administration is not doing anything for the Malays, infect they alienated them. So Pak Lah must take swift actions, at least such as:
1. Rotate the Penang Government and UMNO to take the lead.Gerakan is pretending to be unreliable.
2. To aggressively develop new excellence centers for Penang Malay human resources capacity on critical areas as well as other relevant areas.
3. Concentrate on the SMI among the Malays and not to preclude in other pertinent areas.
4. Protect and develop the Malay and Muslim youth aggressively by enhancing Islamic infrastructure and values.
5. All agencies must mobolised their resources in the strategic areas to uplift the Malays ability and purchasing power.
6. Enforce and maintain law and order.
7. The Prime Minister’s Office to set up an office to monitor the progress. You cannot rely on Penang.

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