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Muhammad Attributes Prior Prophethood.

Attributes Prior Prophethood 

By Al-Mubarakpuri

Attributes Prior Prophethood 

By Al-Mubarakpuri

In the name of Allāh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful;
All the praise and thanks is due to Allāh, the Lord of al-‘ālameen. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allāh, and that Muhammad, Sallallāhu `alayhi wasallam is His Messenger.

Description: Muhammad was a man of exemplary, endowed with pleasant personal and social attributes. He was given the title "Al-Amin" by the Quraish.

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallāhu `alayhi wa sallam) in his younger days were reported to have endowed with a pleasant personal and social attributes. He was an exemplary man of weighty mind and faultless insight. He was favoured with excellent intelligence, originality of thought and accurate choice of the means leading to the accurate goals. His long silence helped favorably in his habit of meditations and deep reflections and investigation into the truth. His vivid mind and pure nature were helpfully instrumental in assimilating and comprehending ways of life and people, individual and the community. He shunned away from superstitious practices but took an active part in constructive and useful dealings; otherwise, he would have taken a route to his self-adopted seclusion. He kept himself away from drinkingkhamar (wine), or eating meat slaughtered on the stone altars, nor attending idolatrous festivals. He held the idols in extreme aversion and disgust. He could never tolerate someone swearing by Al-Lat and Al-‘Uzza.

Allah’s guidance and care, no doubts, detached him from all repulsive or evil practices. Even when he tried to follow his instinct to enjoy some life pleasures or follow some unrespectable traditions, Allah’s providence intervened to control any slip in that course. Ibn Al-‘Athir (radiyallahu'anhu) reported Muhammad (Sallallāhu `alayhi wasallam) as saying: “I have never tried doing anything the people of ignorance did except for two times. Every time Allah intervened and checked me from doing so and I never did it again. Once I told my fellow shepherd to take my sheep’s when we were in the upper part of Makkah. I wanted to go down to Makkah and entertain my self as young men did. I went down to the first house in Makkah where I heard music. I entered and asked: ‘What is this?’ Someone answered: ‘It is wedding party.’ I sat down and listened but soon went into a deep sleep. I was awakened by the heat of the sun. I went back to my fellow-shepherd and told him what had happened to me. I never tried it again.” [There is disagreement over the authencity of this Hadith. Al-Hakim said that it was authentic, but Adh-Dhahabi graded it weak, as did Ibn Kathir in Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah 2/287.]

Al-Bukhari reportd on the authority of Jabir bin ‘Abdullah (radiyallahu'anhu) that he said: “While the people were rebuilding Ka’bah, the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallāhu `alayhi wa sallam) went with ‘Abbas (radiyalluhu'anhu) who carried some rocks. ‘Abbas (radiyalluhu'anhu) said: Put your loincloth round your neck to protect you from the rocks.’ (As he did that) the Prophet (Sallallāhu `alayhi wasallam) fell to the ground and his eyes turned skyward. Later on, he got up and asked: 'My loin cloth… my loin cloth. He wrapped himself in his loincloth.' " [Sahih Al-Bukhari. Chapter: The Building of Al-Ka’bah. 1/540]. In another report: “His loin were never seen [exposed]afterwards” [ Al-Qastalni.]

The Prophet (Sallallāhu `alayhi wasallam) was distinguished among his people for his modesty, virtuous behavior and graceful manners. He proved himself to be the ideal of manhood, and to possess a spotless character. He was the most obliging to his compatriots, the most honest in his talk and with pleasant temperament. He was most gentle-heated, chaste and hospitable. He always impressed people by his piety-inspiring expressions. He was the most truthful and the best covenant.

His fellow citizens, by common consent, gave him a title of "Al-Ameen" (The Trustworthy). The Mother of believers, Khadijah (radiyallahu'anha) once said: “He maintains utterance relations, he helps the poor and the needy, and he entertains the guests and stands with the oppressed for truth.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari.1/3.]

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