Sunday, October 1, 2006

Thai King Endorses Interim Charter

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej endorsed an interim charter on Sunday Oct 1 which will be effective until a new constitution is drawn up following last month's bloodless military coup.

The endorsement, announced on national television, came after coup leaders, grouped in the Council for Democratic Reform (CDR), promised to hand over power to a civilian government before their self-imposed two-week deadline expires on October 4.

The interim charter guarantees basic human rights, installs a 36-member cabinet, the legislative body to pass laws and check on the administration and an assembly of 2,000 representatives to select a panel to write a new constitution, said the announcement.

The 39-article charter transforms the CDR into the Council for National Security, which is authorized to look after the national security and appointments of the prime minister, the national legislative body, and other key positions, it said.

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Melvin Lee said...

I was suppose to head to Thailand Bangkok for tour last Monday. Well I'll be damned there goes my luck. They have to do it when I had it all planned last year *sigh