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My First Granchild: Wan Akilah Safiyyah

14.2.2010: 2nd Birthday

6 Oct 2009
8 June 2009
At 6pm on 14 February 2008

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She was born on Thursday at 3.01 pm, 14 February 2008 at Royal Free Hampstead Hospital, London.


The intelligent female, logical and one who reasons

Untroubled female, serene, pure, best friend; wife of the Prophet s.a.w.and descendent of Prophet Harun a.s.

Wan Akilah Safiyyah

A female who is Intelligent, Logical, and one who reasons, who is also Untroubled, Serene, Pure, and a Best friend; Name of wife of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

She is very much resembles her parents. But there is a trait that is glaringly mine. And I have finally understood why a person would have been hugely overcome with joy with the arrival with a granddaughter. Wan Akilah Safiyyah is our first grandchild; the third for my besan, Dato Dr.Tengku Jamaluddin and To' Puan Tunku Nur Mazini. The whole family receives her with the utmost happiness and gratitude towards Allah for His blessing.

A Majlis Do’a Selamat, Cukur Jambul and Aqikah were held on Saturday 29th March. The Majlis was presided over by a close friend, Dato' Ahmad Nazri Abdullah. All members of his family attended the occasion.
May Allah the Exalted bless her with dignity and righteousness when she grows up and be accompanied by many siblings and cousins in the future.

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