Sunday, September 2, 2007

Names Of The Hell

Umm Nurah

1. Jahannum

“Truly Jahannam (the Hellfire) is lying in wait.” (An-Naba, 78:21)

2. Latha

“By no means! For it is Latha (the fire of Hell) burning away right to the skull.” (Al-Ma’arij, 70:15-16).

3. Al-Hutamah (Crusher which Smashes or Breaks to Pieces)

“By no means! He will certainly be thrown into al-Hutamah. And what will make you understand what al-Hutamah is? It is the fire of Allah, kindled to a blaze, which mounts right to the hearts.” (Al-Humazah 104:4-7).

4. Sa’er (The Burning Fire).

“…a group in Paradise and a group in Sa’er.” (Ash-Shura, 42:7).

5. Saqar.

“Soon will I cast him into Saqar? And what will explain to you what Saqar is? It permits nothing to endure and it leaves nothing alone, darkening and changing the color of man.” (Al-Muddathir, 74:26-29).

6. Al-Jaheem (The Fierce Fire)

“And al-Jaheem will be brought out before those straying in evil.” (Ash-Shuara, 26:91)

7. Al-Hawiyah (The Pit)

“But he whose scales are light – his home will be a pit. And what will make you understand what that is? (It is) a fire, blazing fiercely.” (Al-Qari’ah, 101:8-11).


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