Saturday, January 28, 2006

Accept Palestinian Election Results, Says Pak Lah

Malaysian Premier, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called the international community should duly accept the outcome of the elections in Palestine and respect the choice of its people.
He said in a statement at Putrajaya.
The Prime Minister said the elections were conducted in the true spirit of democracy and the results reflected the wishes of the Palestinian people. Malaysia welcomed the successful organisation of the recent elections in Palestine in which the people of Palestine had the opportunity to express their will through a peaceful democratic process.

He congratulated President Mahmoud Abbas for his leadership in this regard.

He also congratulated Hamas for its success in the elections and expressed confidence that the organisation would find it possible to accommodate other political parties in the political process and work towards establishing a government of national reconciliation in Palestine.
The future of Palestine, in particular its stability, progress and prosperity, would depend on the unity among all Palestinians and their commitment to finding peaceful solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he said.
In this matter, the people of Palestine deserved the full support of all peace-loving peoples throughout the world, he said.

Abdullah said, Malaysia called on all parties especially those directly involved in the West Asia peace process to work hand in hand to seek a lasting solution and establish a permanent peace in the region. In this regard, the process of negotiations in the context of the Roadmap for Peace in West Asia should be reinvigorated.

He said Malaysia strongly believed that the objective of achieving an enduring peace in West Asia could only be achieved through the process of dialogue and negotiations which were carried out in good faith.
Malaysia wished the new leaders in Palestine great success in their noble mission.

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